Anna Leigheim


Anna, the sole child of the noble Lord Leigheim, has always been known for her charm. Although not particularly physically alluring, Anna’s superior intellect has allowed her to permeate the echelons of the aristocracy more successfully than even the loveliest of Forlong’s noble ladies. Her wit and aptitude are well known amongst the nobility of Forlong, and it is a regular occurrence for her to speak with some authority on affairs ranging from economics to battle strategy. A proud woman, Anna has rarely been approached by other nobles interested in taking her hand. This could be attributed to the intimidating force of her character…or Anna’s ability to see through the crude disguises men often wear to lure lesser women to their chambers. Regardless, Anna chanced to meet the young commander Belisarius Phokas during a particularly dire time. Immediately smitten by her undeniable charisma, Belisarius quickly asked Lord Leigheim for his permission to wed her; to which Lord Leigheim replied “Well I’d say yes, but Anna is about as ready to take marriage counsel with me as the diamond throne of Forlong is to float.” Fortunately, Anna was also quite in love with Belisarius and they threw a magnificent wedding (with the aid of several of Belisarius’ friends) to celebrate the joining of two people in one life.

Anna has always harbored a great affection for those around her and is a fierce advocate for the rights of the commoner, a rare occurrence indeed in Forlong. She has an unshakeable sense of morality and she refuses to allow herself to be forced into an action that she believes to be unjust, even if it be from a father or husband. Anna is currently running the island estate of Samos in the absence of Lord Belisarius; thankfully her experience in helping with the upkeep of her familial lands has well prepared her for the task of being the first lady of Samos. In her spare time, Anna has begun to write several treatises on the history of the southern lands of Arem, including one on her new family, the Phokas. As the servants of the estate have come to realize, the mind of the Domina of Samos is as restless as the waves on the sea.


Anna Leigheim

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