Jaque McFlern

As skilled a thief and charming a rogue as you are likely to find.


Born in the city of Domith to a poor family of laborers, Jaque’s father was accused of stealing from the local magistrate when he was only 6 years old. A hard hearted man, the magistrate ordered that Jaque’s father be sent to the wall and Jaque himself be placed in the care of an orphanage. Chafing at the strict rules of the orphanage and carrying a heavy resentment for the law and order that took away his father, young Jaque ran away and took up with a gang of street urchins, where he began his education for his new life; professional Thief.

All the while, Jaque received letters from the father he loved so much and who loved him in return. One letter at the beginning of every month for 10 years, until they suddenly just stopped coming. He has always wondered since what became of his father in the black beyond the wall…

Jaque McFlern

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