Kong Fuzi

Scoundrel, Healer from Forlung


59 years ago, Kong Fuzi’s parents were on the run from a group of Wandering Folk who go by the name Row’thar. The Row’thar were greatly feared beyond the wall for their terrible ferocity and complete lack of mercy. Fuzi’s parents, Meow and Seanrie’l Fuzi, were both considered great healers, and the Row’thar wanted them as slaves. Meow and Seanrie’l Kong both feared that the Row’thar would kill their sons, since children were of no use to a war clan. Seanrie’l, Kong’s mother, couldn’t bear losing her sons. So she, Meow, and her two sons fled from the north. While on the run, an arrow hit Kong’s brother, and they were forced to leave him behind for fear of being overtaken by the Row’thar. The family, believing him to be dead, continued on with heavy hearts to the Wall and sneaked past it into Arem. They decided to travel to Forlong, creating more distance from the north and the Row’thar. Assassins secretly were still after Kong’s parents and in desperation to save Kong’s life, Seanrie’l gave her son to the local monks in Forlong where Kong was hidden from the assassins. Kong’s parents were eventually killed by the assassins for fleeing from the war clan.

Kong was raised by the Ministry of Monks in Forlong as a common commoner. The Monks were peaceful advisories searching for enlightenment and specialized in healing rituals. Kong grew very attached to his cult but still felt like an outsider due to his Asian race. At the proper age, the cult told him of his parents and how they saved his life. Kong took this to heart, and committed himself to protect the ones he loves. Secretly over the years he trained in the art of combat with his two-handed sword. Unlike his parents, when the time comes, he will be able to keep the ones he loves alive and punish the ones who oppose him!

By time he was 40 he decided to separate from the cult to try and help the more unfortunate areas of Forlong with his skills. His healing techniques slowly spread by word of mouth all over Arem. Soon, Kong was running one of the biggest health clinics in the land. Knights and even Lords have paid him a visit secretly to receive his remedies.

As Kong grew older, he passed on his torch of town healer to a younger Monk with a lot more energy. This allowed Kong to meditate and calm his mind. As the surrounding cities’ tension grows and war within Arem becomes ever more possible; a former patient of his came up to him and asked to join a group that could possibly prevent the brink of war. Kong felt that this was his calling to keep the home that he loves from turmoil. He humbly accepted.

“A gentleman would be ashamed should his deeds not match his words.”

Kong Fuzi

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