Domith is the largest, and arguably, strongest of The Five Cities. It is located in the Sunfall Plains, which is in the center of Arem. It is the only city to not specialize in any export or product (like Nester and war steel, or Forlong and precious metals), though gained a great deal of power as being a central location for trade.

Domith is protected by two great walls, Dominion and Nuleic. These circular fortifications form a two level defense against invasions or attacks from foes. Next to Domith is the Lake of Elysses, a vast lake that provides a water source for the town.

Colors and Symbol

Domith’s colors are Red and Black, but representing the strength of this great city. Red is the blood that was spilt around these walls in the many battles that were fought here early in the city’s history. Black overpowers all other colors, so of course the nobility chose it to represent what many argue to be the strongest city. The symbol of Domith is the lion, king of all animals: fierce, strong, and never backing from a challenge.

Trait Bonus for the Region

As the center of all commerce and politics in Arem, Domith’s people have learned quickly the concept of bartering. If you choose to come from this region, you get +1 to your Charisma trait.

Notable People

Baron Nobus Pont: Nobus Pont is a man who has truly lived life, rising up from a lowly orphan thief to the position of Baron. He personally has worked with each person in the group in some way, whether as a thief in Domith, a scholar in Qarnill, or as a noble when he earned his Baron title through his action and deeds. He is now leading a rag tag group of people from across Arem, trying to solve the problems of the land.

Count Tarfain Bhrawn: A noble from Domith, specifically Balantine Hill. His family use to be very prominent, but a series of unfortunate events (theft of a piece of armor from a past relative) caused the house to lose all of its influence and power. They are very jealous of the Thrawn family as well. Tarfain clearly looks like someone who has something to prove, being very muscular (like he trains all day), in hopes of gaining power for his family once again.

Stone: The one known simple as Stone is a mountain of a man: at least seven and a half feet tall, he stands as one of the tallest men in Arem. Tall is one thing, but he is just as big. Weighing in at just around 500 pounds, he is not a wiry man by any means. While intimidating just to look upon, the most frightening think about Stone is that he is known to go into a blood rage, where he is basically uncontrollable. In combat, this makes him extremely efficient. Stone originally was a poor commoner, but became a noble after his lord mysteriously died, and had left a will saying that STONE inherited his lands and titles. He is now a noble of Domith.


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