Forlong (City of the East) is one of The Five Cities in Arem. It is located in the Dianides, an odd mountainous region that is isolated in the southeastern area of Arem. The city of Forlong is on the mountains, half way up Nubulous Peak, the tallest mountain in all the land. It is the wealthiest of all the Cities, owing that honor to the tremendous amounts of precious metals and jewels located in the Dianides. This wealth led to this otherwise hard to access town becoming one of five ruling cities.

There is one route into Forlong, and that is the King’s Road. It is a treacherous journey up the steep mountain. There are two routes out of Forlong, though. You can travel down King’s Road, or the waterway Lurvel can be used. The lake it starts at (Forlo) is located within the city walls of Forlong, and it rushes down the mountains and deposits itself into Lake Appletop at the mountain base. The waterway Lurvel is used almost exclusively for sending materials down the mountain for sale, though occasionally some people looking for a thrill will ride it down themselves.

The city of Forlong has a long history of social division, namely between commoners and nobles. This history is shown in the set up of the city: there is a poor region that houses the commoners (buildings look shabby, no roads, everything is covered in filth) and a prosperous region (amazing architecture, beautiful roads, guards everywhere). These two areas are divided by Gemstone, the third of three fortifications protecting Highwind Keep (castle of Forlong).

Highwind Keep is surrounded by open air and long falls on three sides, and has a pulley/elevator system on one of those sides for rapid movement of supplies up and down the mountain. It is also home to the tallest man made structure in Arem, the flag that rises above the castle and flies the flag of the land. The great hall of Highwind Keep is called the Morian, it is extremely extravagant: artwork crafted by Arem’s best hangs from the walls, jewel encrusted cups and plates, and finally the throne. The throne in Morian is considered the signal most expensive item in all of Arem, and is made completely from diamond.

Colors and Symbol

Forlong’s colors are Grey and Brown. Grey is a strong neutral color, which is reflects the general demeanor of the city, which rarely gets into external conflicts. Brown represents the mountainous region it is located in, which is also where it gets all of its riches. The symbol for Forlong is the eagle, showing both strength as well as being one of the few creatures able to make it in and out of Forlong with ease.

Trait Bonus for Region

Strength was needed to break the Dianides and unleash its riches, and thus the people of Forlong now pride themselves on their might. If you start in this region, you get +1 to your Strength trait.

Notable People

Lord Karanos: Lord of Forlong, but little is know of him. He has grown sick recently, and has appointed Duke Tassillo as the leader of Forlong, due to him having no heirs. Lord Karanos has recently implemented many new policies in Forlong, including closing down trade and increasing defensive measures in the land.

Duke Tassillo: The new leader of Forlong, after Lord Karanos grew sick. He has been in power for a little over a year now. Not much is known about him, other then what Baron Pont had to say:

“Duke Tassillo is an evil man, John. I don’t have many experiences personally with him, but all that I’ve heard has been bad. He is so consumed with nobility that he forgets that those he hurts are humans, not vehicles for him to rise through the ranks. Heed this as a warning from a friend, John: if he is your father, he will do everything in his power to crush you. You are a scar on his claim to nobility; a bastard son born from a lowly commoner woman. Multiply that by the fact that he is from Forlong, and you see how motivated he will to remove that “scar” by any means necessary. Be careful John, and always have your guard up.”

He sent assassins after The Bastard recently, and now believes him to be dead.

Noble Singard: Head of Forlong’s trade division.

Noble Ferdinand: Head of Forlong’s mining operations.

Noble Pictor: Head of Forlong’s foreign affairs division.

Soldier Felix: Soldier that the commoners ran into out in the training yard while searching for evidence on Forlong’s military stance. He is a good soldier, though has a soft spot in his heart for commoners, since he use to be one.

Old Man: Long time servant of Highwind Keep; met the commoners while they were searching for evidence. Has had many, many children, some of which came from the Hop Inn.

Talu, the Thief Captain: Leader of the thief guild in Forlong. She was raiding caravans coming out of Forlong, stealing a tremendous amount of money from the traders. Much of this money was going back to the poor commoners in Forlong, but that nice sentiment did not change the nobles’ opinions of her. The group had set up an ambush for Talu, but she was warned by Jaque and escaped. She and her group are still currently raiding in the Forlong region, though have not touched Leighim Castle in any way.


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