Samos has been a possession of the Phokas family since the families founder, Nikephoros, won a great sea victory near the island in ages past. The island has not seen much development since that day however, as the Phokas have been pressed by the needs of more lucrative estates in the heart of Qarnill territory. The stunted growth of the island is characteristic of it’s previous holders; often men considered by the family to be unworthy to partake in the intricate dealings necessary to keep the Phokas as one of the most influential families in Qarnill. It’s most recent holder has become Lord Belisarius, which most believe is punishment for his recent indiscretions.

However, the island does have potential. In better times, it saw a great deal of trade from Forlong and was a major stopping point for any ships heading up the Eastern coast of Arem. With some hard work, and Qarnill ingenuity, Samos could once again become a gleaming jewel in the Phokas crown and perhaps usher the shamed son back into the limelight of Qarnill politics.

Investment 1: The docks at Samos have been repaired and updated. They can now accommodate a greater amount of traffic as well as a greater range in vessels, from small fishing sloops to the massive treasure galleons carrying luxury wares throughout Arem. Samos now boasts a dockyard second only to Qarnill and Tarentum and is beginning to reclaim its status as the gateway to the East.

Investment 2: Due to the joining of the houses of Phokas and Leigheim, there is increased trade between the Forlong mainland and the island. A key member of The Thieves Guild has guaranteed the safety of this trade making it one of the most secure trade arteries in all Arem. Vessels bearing the engineering marvels of Qarnill depart as galleons carrying the precious stones of Forlong immediately take their place. The docks of Samos are quickly becoming some of the busiest in all Arem.

Investment 3: A massive lighthouse has been constructed on the island as a beacon to guide the heavy traffic of Samos. In the shape of Belisarius’ glorious ancestor, Nikephoros Phokas, bearing an ornate lantern, the lighthouse is truly a marvel of Arem. However, the lighthouse does more than guide ships through the turbulent South Arem Sea; Qarnill engineering has turned it into a formidable defense tower capable of defending the port from all but the most dedicated assault. With the ancient patron of the island watching over it, Samos continues to blossom into a major trading hub.

Investment 4: The island of Samos has always been rocky and inhospitable, even when it was a thriving trade center in ancient times. The rocky cliffs have been a hard place to live and in the past the island could only hold a small population making it difficult to expand it’s trade status. However, a massive architectural project recently initiated by generous donations from a wealthy group of adventurers has begun to transform the island. Mining experts from Forlong and architects from Qarnill have managed to carve a large section of the northern face of Samos into an incredible cityscape. Built from the living rock, these buildings have functions that vary from trade entrepĂ´ts to family housing. Towering alleyways that resemble canyons lead to beautiful open air plazas with multiple tiers leading up into the center of the island. Samos can now accommodate a much larger permanent population as well as house a larger number of traders; this has in turn increased both the labor force available on the island and the amount of trade to Samos. Now, even the very rocks themselves push precious commerce through the new arteries of Samos.


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