A noble guardian, warrior, and ranger from the Range of Zardon the Sail. "There is always hope."


The Chieftain of the mysterious Rangers of the South, Arathorn descends from a long line of noble Watchers. His family has led this group of Rangers for many generations. They roam the Range of Zardon the Sail, as unseen and unappreciated guardians of the people of Qarnill. They have sworn to dedicate their lives to this cause, not for the sake of the citizens of Qarnill, but to protect what lies beneath the city herself.

Arathorn is the descendant of Aragost, a Ranger who discovered the Clockwork Pass long before the recorded discovery by Zardon the Sail. Aragost also discovered an underground tunnel that led to a powerful, and potentially deadly, artifact located beneath Qarnill. This knowledge has been passed down through the generations to Arathorn. For the sake of the citizens of Arem, Arathorn hopes that he and his Rangers are the only ones that know of its existence.

As is the tradition with the Rangers of the South, Arathorn is highly skilled in the use of his bow, but only uses a sword for defense or in absolute necessity. Years of living in the mountains have perfectly honed his senses and ability to survive in the wild. The beasts of nature also consider him a friend and he is never found without his trusty falcon, Excelsior, nearby. They have been through many adventures together and Arathorn has masterfully trained the falcon so that Excelsior is an extension of Arathorn’s thoughts and actions.

Arathorn is not well-known to the citizens of Qarnill. Some believe that he is only a myth, a hero-like protector that parents tell stories about to their children at night to help them feel safe and sleep soundly. Few have seen Arathorn and even fewer have spoken with him. But he is very real. Always watching, always waiting.

“In brightest day, in blackest night,
No evil shall escape my sight
Pursuing the virtuous path that is right,
To protect beast and brother…Arathorn’s might!”


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