Bastard of Lurvel "The Inebriator"

He is ready to die, and that's what makes him dangerous....


Call no man happy till he is dead. Being born a son of a whorish Lurvel woman John never knew his father and probably never will. After the first five years of his life John was abandoned by his mother when Death came in his cold embrace. Already having the title The Bastard of Lurvel, John truly didn’t know his parents at all, so he took his title a wore it as proud as his broken heart would let him. Fleeing Lurvel to an area of seclusion John found a sword buried in the ground. Wielding the sword he let the rage that built up over his young life release itself upon the nearest target in this case it was the wildlife in the area. Slaughtering his way through small game eventually lead to Death surrounding him once again.

A solider of Lurvel witnessed his impressive act for a child of his age and gave John a home. For the next 10 years this man became his guardian and trained John to channel his rage and sadness into strength. John finally thought he knew what happiness was, but Death once again found his way back into John’s life. That night five mysterious men broke into the home and executed John’s guardian while he was asleep but John woke up in time to arm himself. Using the training he had gained in the last 10 years he slayed four of the men and held his blade to the throat of the fifth. John asked what his purposed here was. The man answered “Your true father is tying up loose ends”…John emotionally distraught decapitated the man with one clean swing of his blade. Once again Death surrounded John and now his father a man with men at his disposal tried to kill him.

Five more years passed and The Bastard of Lurvel has become a fan of drinking away his sorrows at the Hop Inn but Death has become a part of John’s life, he is ready to die and that’s what makes him dangerous….

Bastard of Lurvel "The Inebriator"